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Hello Seattle +

What a joy to be a new member of the Cultural Care family and have a such an enthusiastic and intelligent group of au pairs. I am so happy to be at your service and here for you whenever you need me, day or night. In the first months of service, I have made so many new friends from all over the world. As the year changes to 2017, I am excited to offer local tours and a few broader expeditions to coastal and mountain regions, too!

When you find time, review my NEW calendar for the au pair group. I was recently advised by my team to keep options simple, regular and also to utilize a format that au pairs can add to! So TeamUp is my permanent solution. Add your birthdays or if you want to schedule a one-to-one meeting, just place it on the calendar and it will notify me right away 🙂


Thank you to everyone who attended the Seattle Bouldering Project this month. Yoga is really beneficial and it’s a super great way to stay healthy and connect with your friends at the same time. Review the yoga class schedule for Seattle Bouldering Project @ https://seattleboulderingproject.com/class_calendar.html

Please note that it’s best to arrive 1/2 hour early to fill out paperwork and reserve your place in the studio. If you are not coming for yoga, but simply a check in, meet the group at noon downstairs for a tea. Everyone has had fabulous reviews so far, so keep up the excellent work!

If they challenge us, we will win them with grace and if they build a wall, we will climb it! So happy to have such a strong and loyal team of friends. Peace out!!


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Monday, 24 October 2016 7:36 PM


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